WCI Students

WCI Students

All incoming first-year students to the University at Albany will take Writing and Critical and Inquiry. Our students are from over 110 countries with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. While many students are from New York, others are from both the region and the greater United States. The University at Albany also has a large international student population, with students hailing from South Africa to Japan.

Because Writing and Critical Inquiry is required for all incoming students, there are diverse experiences in English studies in each class. Some students have taken AP English courses, while others have focused on Communications or Debate. For many, English is a second or third language. All perspectives are important and celebrated in WCI as they help explore and make sense of all sides of an issue.

While many students are “traditional” first-year students – straight from high school to college – UAlbany also has many non-traditional incoming students, those who chose a different path than college. A number of incoming students have a great deal of important life experience, such as time spent in the military or the workforce.

What’s most important about students in WCI is that each and every one is a unique writer and that this class is a place that these writers can come together to learn in new collaborative ways.