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Test Faculty Landing Page

Robert Yagelski, Director of the Program in Writing & 
Critical Inquiry

Dr. Robert P. Yagelski is Director of the Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry. He is also associate professor of English Education in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice and an affiliated faculty member of the Department of English. He directs the Capital District Writing Project, which is a site of the National Writing Project. A former high school English teacher and freelance writer, he earned his Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition from the Ohio State University and has taught writing at four universities as well as in a prison college-equivalency program. He is the author of two books of writing and literacy theory (Literacy Matters: Writing and Reading the Social Self, 2000; Writing as a Way of Being: Writing Instruction, Nonduality, and the Crisis of Sustainability, 2010), four writing textbooks, a children’s book, and numerous articles about writing and writing instruction.

Office: BA 323

Research Interests:

Bethany Aery Clerico

Office: BA 324

Email: baeryclerico@albany.edu

Research Interests:

Jaclyn Amoroso

Office: BA 325

Email: jamoroso@albany.edu

Research Interests:

 Lisa Arrastia

Office: BA 316

Email: larrastia@albany.edu

Research Interests:

Evelyn Baldwin

Office: BA 327

Email: ebaldwin2@albany.edu

Research Interests:

Llana Carroll

Office: 317

Research Interests:

Allison Craig

Office: 315A

Research Interests:

Joseph Creamer

Office: BA 335

Research Interests:

Susan Cumings

Office: BA 318

Research Interests:

Susan  Detwiler

Office: BA 342

Research Interests:

Amanda Giracca

Office: BA 336

Research Interests:

Sarah Giragosian

Office: BA 343

Research Interests:

Juliette Gutmann

Office: BA 326

Research Interests:

Moriah Hampton

Office: BA 318A

Research Interests:

Titcha Ho

Office: BA 347

Research Interests:Second Language Writing, World Englishes, and Translingualism.

Jeffrey Janssens

Office: BA 333

Research Interests:

Shawn Jasinski

Office: BA 317A

Research Interests:

Hilary Kelleher

Office: BA 338

Research Interests:

Office: BA 345

Research Interests: Early American literature, biblical hermeneutics, the epic hero, digital humanities. 

Peter Monaco

Office: BA 331

Research Interests:

Rae Muhlstock

Office: BA 341

Research Interests: Contemporary fiction, experimental fiction, 
narrative theory, film, Classical literature

Chris Murphy

Office: BA 330

Research Interests:

Marcie Newton

Office: BA 369

Research Interests

Courtney Ryan

Office: BA 344

Research Interests:

Puja Sahney

Office: BA 332

Research Interests: