Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

The CAB meets regularly to generate new programs, to promote community wellness and to sustain activities that promote healthy families.

Who We Are:

Allison Joseph
Allison is a NYS Registered family child care provider in South Troy. As a former CEO Head start parent, she has been actively involved for over 10 years serving on the CEO Board of Directors, Policy Counsel and with the Foster Grandparents program. Allison has been a member of the CHL CAB since its inception and was part of the implementation as well as a parent facilitator. Allison is committed to the mission of CHL and to bringing that mission to Head Start families and the Rensselaer County community. She believes that only through education and awareness programs, along with a supportive environment, will we see healthier communities. 

Mary Ann Andrews
Hello, my name is Mary Ann Andrews and I live in Troy, NY. I have 8 children and brought up my goddaughter as well.  I have 25 grandchildren; I’m from a family of 11 and my mother is from a family of 15. Wow, I have a big family and it’s great! I am a loving person who loves kids and doesn’t mind giving my all to help whoever needs it. That’s how my mother was, and she passed it on to all of us.  I love to have family dinners, as my mom used to do. She wanted us to keep it in the family and pass it down to our children. Family and friends mean a lot to me and I love meeting people and listening to them. Oh, and church is a must in our family as well.

Kristine Darling, CEO Financial Literacy Coordinator
I live in Rensselaer County with my loving husband, 3 children and 2 dogs. I started with CHL at the inception, and have been an active and involved member ever since. I was the Family and Community Partnerships Manager for the Rensselaer County Head Start program. I conducted and assisted with recruitment, social media, and policies for the CHL Community Advisory Board, as well as the research that was conducted. I attended the 2010 NIH Training Institute on Community Based Participatory Research approaches to Sustaining Healthy Families and Multicultural Communities with the research team. I believe that community wellness is an important investment.

Holly Burke
My name is Holly and I am a resident of Troy, NY. I have three great children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I love being a mother and making sure to get the best I can for them. I work as a part-time proctor and a part-time waitress and then I come home and I'm a full-time mother. I was a parent facilitator with CHL, and worked with other CEO parents. I'm very nice, funny, great to be around kind of person. I love to research anything to help me and my family. I joined CHL to help better my skills as a mother, because being a mom is what I do best. If you look for it, great things and great people will come into your life, and that's what I love.