Degrees & Concentrations

Degrees & Concentrations

Each of the EPL degree and certificate programs is designed to prepare students to be scholars or scholar-practitioners, who are globally connected and locally engaged.

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Ph.D. Program

Master of Science Program

School Leadership Certification

Area Concentrations

Students in any of the three EPL degree programs can pursue one of three concentrations, which focus on different levels or aspects of education. While all students take the same core courses, the concentrations allow students to explore in more depth issues related to specific aspects of educational leadership or policy. In consultation with their advisor, students should select a concentration that reflects their career goals and interests.

School Leadership

Courses in "School Administration" prepare students for administrative positions in elementary and secondary schools or districts, as well as for faculty positions in educational administration in universities. Students seeking New York State certification as a school-level or district-level administrator usually select this concentration. For more information, contact Sandra Vergari    >>CLOSE

Higher Education

The "Higher Education" concentration prepares students to be leaders in scholarly, administrative, and policy careers. Our students and alumni work in a broad range of institutional types, including public and private, two-year and four-year, research engaged and teaching intensive, as well as both domestic and international. They pursue careers in academic affairs, student success, institutional advancement, enrollment managements, institutional research and others. In addition, this concentration is appropriate for students who are interested in staff or administration positions in adult and continuing education programs in other educational, business, industrial, and labor organizations. For more information, contact Jason Lane.    >>CLOSE

Educational Policy Analysis

The concentration "Educational Policy Analysis" is designed to prepare students for leadership and administrative positions in state, national and international organizations. This concentration focuses on approaches to educational policy formation and implementation that originate in the social sciences and philosophy. Graduates in this program work in wide range of policy venues, including state agencies, foreign ministries of education, non-governmental organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and UNESCO, and others. This concentration also prepares students for university faculty positions in educational administration or policy studies. For more information, contact Daniel Levy.    >>CLOSE

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