Curriculum and Instruction

The home department for the graduate programs in curriculum instruction, the Department of Educational Theory and Practice (ETAP), is a vibrant and inclusive community of students and faculty. In this community, students and faculty dream and challenge, create and examine, test and implement the best of what education can be to meet the contemporary learning needs of society wherever those arise.

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Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology MS

The Master’s in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology program is designed for students who wish to extend their expertise in curriculum and instructional design and in instructional technology. It is also useful for students wishing to prepare for leadership positions in government, social service, health-related fields, corporate training, and development of educational media products. Students in the CDIT program can alternatively create a general program of study on issues of educational theory and practice tailored to their specific background and career goals. Students can complete the CDIT master’s through either classroom-based or online coursework.

Curriculum and Instruction CAS

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Curriculum and Instruction allows students to design a flexible program of study using coursework from a variety of schools and colleges at the University. The program offers coursework for students seeking advanced study in any of the doctoral program specializations. The CAS requires a minimum of sixty hours of study and research beyond the baccalaureate. This program is suggested for those who wish advanced study in a particular topic but are not interested in pursuing research.

Curriculum and Instruction PhD

The program offers a broad and intensive investigation of issues in educational theory and practice. Theory and practice are each seen as necessary extensions of the other and as establishing criteria by which the other can be judged. The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction program emphasizes cutting-edge theory in curriculum and instruction and rigorous standards of research in the construction of new knowledge about education. Doctoral students are encouraged to engage in active programs of research, both with faculty and independently, that demand strong conceptual understanding of contemporary issues in education and a flexible array of responses.

Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching CGS (COLT)

The COLT Program is designed for students who wish to gain critical conceptual knowledge as well as advanced practical skills in how to develop curriculum, instruction and assessment in fully online and blended learning environments. Developed to meet the needs of students who pursue degrees in education and related fields and who teach or plan to work in public and private schools, administer online programs, support online faculty, develop online curriculum, or deliver online training in a wide variety of settings.