Educational Administration and Policy Studies MS

Degree Level: MS

Department: Educational Administration & Policy Studies

School or College: School of Education

Program Curriculum:

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Statement of Goals
Educational Leadership Essay (see Special Notes below)



  Fall Spring Summer
Assistantship Consideration Not Available   Not Available   Not Available  
No Assistantship Consideration Aug. 1
Nov. 1


Special Notes: This program does not lead to Professional Certification, nor does it lead to NY State certification as a School Building Leader. If you wish to pursue NY School Building Leader certification, please visit the School Building Leader ACG page

Cannot use letters, statement of goals or resume submitted for a prior application. The letter of recommendation form MUST be submitted. Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please type one essay of no more than 800 words each from among the three possible topics below:

  1. i. Summarize the leadership activities in which you have been involved in recent years and explain how these experiences reflect your vision of and capacity for leadership.
  2. ii. Identify a problem or challenge in a school, school-related organization, or your professional life generally and write an analysis in which you assess the issues(s), describe effective strategies for addressing the issue(s), and make clear the implications for the exercise of effective leadership in the situation.
  3. iii. Describe a problem of educational policy decision-making, policy content, or policy implementation, and explain how a deeper understanding of policy or the policy process could improve the situation.

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