Educational Administration and Policy Studies PhD

Degree Level: PhD

Department: Educational Administration & Policy Studies

School or College: School of Education

Track: Higher Education Leadership, School Leadership, Educational Policy

Program Curriculum:

Required Credentials




Supplemental Documents

All Schools Attended

(applicants may submit up to 5 letters; see Special Notes below)

Personal Statement of Goals, Educational Leadership Essay (see Special Notes below), Academic Writing Sample (see Special Notes below)



  Fall Spring Summer
Assistantship Consideration Feb. 15
Oct. 1   Not Available  
No Assistantship Consideration Feb. 15

(See Special Notes)

Oct. 1

(See Special Notes)

Not Available  


Special Notes:

Candidates should not use letters, personal statement of goals or resume submitted for a prior application. Wherever possible, at least two of the letters of recommendation should be from faculty members, at least one of those from a full-time faculty member.  Wherever possible, applicants should submit an English-language sample of their academic work (e.g., course term paper). Late applications are invited and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please submit an educational leadership essay responding to the following question. The response should not exceed 800 words. 

Identify a current state, national, or international problem, dilemma, or controversial situation affecting educational leaders in either the k-12 or higher education fields.  Describe the nature of the issue, effective strategies for addressing the issue, and the role of an effective leader in implementing those strategies.    

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